Monday, July 17, 2017

Tucker goes around the block

Tucker Time
My neighbor came by and we went around the block which is about 1 1/2 miles. I spent about 2 hours in the saddle. We chatted with a couple of neighbors and sat on our horses talking to Hubby and taking photos for part of that time.
Neighbor working on problem.
Neighbor walking on road with walking problem.
Going by the obstacles Tucker has been to problem.
Strange problem.
Neighbor "hiding" in the shade of a tree and problem.
Guy stringing cable in the air from pole to pole while on tall problem.
Trash truck going problem.
Car going by.... no problem.
Got on after two attempts at the mounting block. Opened gate to home pen. Opened automatic gate using push button keypad. Met my friend and Brownie at the corner.
Karen said I was micro managing my horse on the road...let him relax and enjoy his ride  Over all, she thinks I am doing great.
Tied Tucker up at the post using the halter under his bridle with no issues before and after the ride.
Might go to her place by myself soon. Meet her there and do obstacles until she is ready to ride her horse. Bonus, I get to watch her work her new colt.
Current goals are to start trying to trot again [Tucker's feet are getting done tomorrow]. Riding by myself. Riding in a group of a few riders. This doesn't all have to happen in one week.
I decided we needed a few photos of Karen and I together so Hubby obliged. I'm in the red shirt.

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