Thursday, July 27, 2017

Tucker got his donut

Team Tucker
I got Tucker's donut for his right fore foot to prevent the shoe boil.  He doesn't seem to lay down much in the daytime so I have been putting it on overnight.
Tucker and I managed to get saddled up in only about 15 minutes today including brushing, fly spray and cleaning the feet!
Mounting did not present any issues.
A lovely evening for a ride. Met my neighbor and her horse Brownie and we went to her friend's house about 2 miles or so away.
Tucker and I met other horses. We both behaved politely  We did a couple of simple obstacles and watched Brownie do a few harder obstacles.
We had dogs barking in yards and bunnies and ATV's and neighbors outside. We did fine.
My ability to communicate with Tucker to have him move just his hind or fore isn't great but we did manage to do that several times. Also, I asked him to move sideways to allow me to touch a rope gate and Tucker did it!!!!
Home as dusk was descending into darkness. A nice brushing, foot cleaning and some hay.
I sprayed his scratches on his back feet with vetericyn. They look improved but boy is that stuff expensive. I am switching to anti fungal and anti bacterial cream after this if it still isn't cleared up all the way.
That was 1 1/2 hours in the saddle!
It is going hot so my plan is to watch the reining videos of CJ's and then work on that late evenings or early mornings by myself. Wouldn't it be fun to be improved before my next ride with my neighbor? Surprise 

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