Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Tucker Time

Tucker Time.
Hit my first road block with Tucker and now I am wondering if it isn't because I had him cinched up a bit too tight and the new blanket was pressing on his withers a bit too much. I need to trim the withers hole I made to a wider width.
I saddled and got the bridle on Tucker pretty quickly today. I think Tucker was impressed. I walked him around and cinched him up a second time like usual.
My first time trying to mount solo and it didn't go smoothly.
I walked Tucker up to the mounting block.
Tucker would not stand still at the mounting block for me.
I walked him in a big circle and tried again and again and again.
Trainer showed up on Brownie the Wonderhorse. and I still wasn't on the horse 
She suggested backing up to the fence so he would quit backing every time I shortened the reins to get on. After a couple of tries like that and moving the mounting block to be next to him instead of moving him to be next to the mounting block, I managed to hold him still and swing on.
This was my first time going out with another horse. We circled around in the home pen a bit, the trainer opened the gate and I followed her out to the big arena pen. We followed one another around the big pen and then walked and talked while riding beside each other. Very cool.
I felt more relaxed this time in the saddle. Totally awesome.
We came back to the home pen playing follow the leader over the log fan.
I had a great success at lining up the horse for the dismount. I pulled up to the mounting block but he moved to the side too far away. I side passed him to the mounting block. He got too far away in front so I pushed his front over using my foot into the front position. I told him whoa and I swung up and off, holding myself steady for a moment and then gently stepped down and got my other foot out of the stirrup.
I told Tucker what a good job he did.
I see some groundwork in our future. That will include stepping up to the mounting block and holding still

Rode 2 hours

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