Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Finally Tucker Time

Pony and Wiseguy are keeping an eye on the new guy.

I am very happy to report I finally got out there and worked with Tucker again.

Between the heat and the projects and the company picnic....and maybe my concern that I am working with a new horse and that is a little scary??? Just keeping it real. :)

This morning I separated the three horses into three different pens so we could make sure no one gets too buddy sour.

Wiseguy bucked and farted and shook his thick mane.  So cute.  I worked with him just a bit in the round pen and he told me I am not really the boss.  I told him I thought I was. :)

Pony stayed in the home pen and banged on the rails with his foot because it makes him mad when his friends leave!

I took Tucker out to the big arena pen.   On the way there he was looking around a lot.  I asked him to go over the bigger logs on the way to the big pen.

He called for his friends.  He saw Wiseguy bucking and farting and that inspired him to do some trotting, galloping and whinnying.  So, that was good that he got out to run.

Before I got Tucker back out of the big pen, I walked him at the end of the lead.  I  asked him to watch me and stop when I stopped.  I backed him up a number of times.  I am working on him maintaining my bubble.  I felt I had his attention more by the end of a few minutes of doing that.

I asked Tucker to walk over the three big logs and the smaller fan of logs on  the way back from the pen.

I ground tied him to turn off the sprinkler in his pen.  I ground tied him inside the pen to go get the mounting block but had to put him back in his place several times.

I lined him up at the mounting block and he did it perfectly.  Wow! That's what I want.  I got up on the mounting block and gave him some love and he held completely still and did not move his feet.  Yay!

Groundwork 1 hour

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