Sunday, June 11, 2017

Horse search...Barbie

Still looking. The people with the gelding that didn't have someone to ride it never called me back to say when the niece could ride it. That one is out.
I have one prospect to look at tonight. Grade mare, light palomino, 15 hands, 10-11 years old. The kid is into team roping and this horse is too small for him to use as a header horse. They are selling so his kid can keep doing high school rodeo on a bigger horse.
Man says his kid learned to ride on Barbie. Says Barbie came from California and has a lot of training on her by previous owner [including Clint Weaver training].
Claims the horse is good on trails, been to rodeos, not afraid of bunnies and plastic bags. All the usual.... good to trailer, good with feet, etc.
His kids have been riding Barbie lately because he hurt his back and it hurts him to ride.
At least this candidate has been ridden recently.
The price is a little high for a grade mare but there is always the chance there is some negotiating room.
After seeing the horse.
Barbie was good in some ways but not good in others.
She is owned by people who think the horse knows a lot but the horse is not that well trained.
Barbie also was acting like she wanted to bite when getting cinched up. She is a bit of a head tosser. She had some sort of bumps in the cinch area. We didn't look at them closely so can't say for sure what they were. She also would probably fight you if she didn't want to go your way [from how the guy described riding her.] She was very forward in the trot. My friend didn't think I would enjoy that.
She was very calm in the wind which was a good thing. The kid rode her and she did not buck going into the lope.
I rode her. She also forgave me for not getting the signals quite right a couple of times. She stood like a rock to be mounted and dismounted. The price came down some but, since she wasn't quite what I wanted, we told him I would think it over. She is still overpriced. IMHO
The funniest thing was, we asked him if this was his first horse. "No, Barbie is my second horse. My first horse I got ripped off by some guy in Reno. Can't remember his name." I said, "It wouldn't be Ace, would it?" The guy says "Yes, that's his name. Do you know him?" I said "No, but I have talked to him before." Ace is trying to sell a horse online right now :) I guess we won't be going to look at one of his horses.

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