Friday, June 16, 2017

Michael rides in the sunset

Michael got on the horse tonight and he did a good job. First time on a horse since he was a kid.
I was impressed when he got off by using the fence.
Tuck is a wonderful horse.
We think we have a good tack set up for him now although we do need longer reins. That horse has a long neck!

Not training related but important. We think we got the right combination of blankets for his sway back and high withers and a bridle that works. We do need longer reins.
He picked his feet up and let me clean them. We brushed him. We do need to teach him to stand like a rock at the mounting block although he wasn't terrible.
We tried different blanket combinations and we much have taken that saddle off and on 8 times but Tuck was really good about that.
He loved his carrots at the end.
He is a fairly vocal horse who whinnies when he sees you coming around the corner and he has a deep nicker when the hay is headed his way. He does stand and wait for the hay to get thrown now that he knows that is important.
My turn to ride tomorrow morning.

Rode 1 hour

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