Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Tucker settles in

Tucker has settled in nicely. Tomorrow evening I am having a riding lesson.
Tuesday, Hubby is having a riding lesson.
I ordered him a contour pad so we can give back the pad that we are borrowing. I can use my old pad on the bottom but it will need to be cut out where his withers are.
I also ordered the three step mounting block which should be here by the weekend. He is a tall horse and the two step just wasn't tall enough.
I am telling him he has to stay out of my space when I bring food.
Tucker is sweet but feels impatient that I am not taking him out riding today How do I know that. He mouthed all the blankets and sniffed the saddle while I was measuring the contour pad and headed to the gate  Too hot for one thing and I am not going to ride alone until we know each other better.

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