Monday, June 19, 2017

Saddled Tucker by myself and Hubby rode


We went out to work with Tucker about 8am. Looks like there might be thunderstorms today. It is 84 degrees at 10am.
I brushed Tucker, fly sprayed him, wiped his face with a damp paper towel with some fly spray on it. He didn't like the paper towel but he did good with his face being wiped.
I got the blankets on, the saddle on, tightened the cinch, walked him around, tightened the cinch. Got his bridle on including cavesson.
Hubby walked him around by one rein, I tightened the cinch one more notch. Hubby walked him in a big circle, walked to the mounting block while I stood in the right spot to encourage the horse to keep his butt near the mounting block.
Hubby climbed on and did a good job. He rode him around the home pen, out through the gate "Duck!" and around the round pen in the yard, over a couple of logs and out to the arena through the narrow 4 foot gate.
Did arena work for about half an hour. Out through the narrow gate, back around the yard, into the home pen. Around the home pen and then up to the mounting block. Tucker got himself lined up nicely. Hubby climbed off and we were done riding.
Off with the bridle, the saddle and blankets, some brushing, some ointment for his dry spots on his legs.....a couple of carrots and some hay and Tucker is set for the day.
I am so proud of myself. I saddled up all by myself 
PS - I think the saddle is not rubbing him anywhere.

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