Friday, June 23, 2017

Team Tucker

Team Tucker did so good yesterday evening.
Tucker is very nice. I got him saddled before the trainer arrived. She adjusted the saddle up another inch but other than that, everything was good.
Tucker was trying to move around a bit when getting brushed and saddled. I kept saying "No you don't. Hold still." and putting him back where he started. He finally held still.
Tucker lined up with the mounting block pretty easily but the trainer had to get his but to move over. We are teaching him "Come to me" and tapping with a stick. He should pick it up pretty easily. I got on with very little assistance in the form of a head holder.
We doodled around the home pen and then out to the arena. On the way there we tried to do some skinny logs but we got kind of messed up on the fan of logs. He was just too big for that lay out.
Into the arena where we walked and we jogged!!!!! I was supposed to try posting but never quite got there. The horse trotted but I couldn't seem to get my feet back and and lean up. Another day.
Jogging was awesome. I was able to ask him to slow down but still keep jogging. That was cool.
I had trouble communicating with Tucker sometimes and he would just stop moving. I know this will get better as I get some practice. He got going again easily.
Also, Tucker stumbled just a bit once going at a walk. I did not get super scared. That was a nice bonus.
On the way back, Hubby and the trainer rearranged the logs into a wider fan shape. Tucker did pretty good but let his feet touch so we went back the other way. Better. Back one more time, his foot didn't touch a log and we called it good and headed for the home pen.
I got Tucker lined up to the mounting block on the second try. With no one helping to hold the horse, I got off wonderfully and skillfully and gracefully while Tucker held steady as a rock. He also held still and helped me get off the mounting block. Such a good boy. Felt good to look like I knew what I was doing and that Tucker was so good about standing still.
The trainer said "Can you hear me? I am complimenting you and you are not reacting." I smiled really big and said, "I can hear you!" I was concentrating so much on jogging and steering that I didn't react but my ears were working.
My shoulders felt much more relaxed. Trainer said the horse looked collected some of the time that I was riding.
The evening was warm, the sunset soft and lovely. My Hubby was out there with me. The horse looked pleased with himself. A wonderful time riding.

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