Friday, December 2, 2011

Sophisticated Theology

Someone on another website has informed several commenters that they don't understand sophisticated theology.  I am trying to wrap my mind around what that could possibly mean.  What the heck IS "sophisticated theology"?

I looked up sophisticated and it means experienced in worldly ways, changed from the natural simplicity or frankness.

Theology, of course, relates to the study of God and His relations with man and the universe or the study or system of religious beliefs.

So, since Biblegod has explicitly said in the Bible that the world is no good, how is it that we can have a theology based on being experienced in worldly ways?  How is the average person supposed to know god if god is transformed from natural simplicity into complicated systems of religious belief?

Why would you want to create a sophisticated theology?  Why wouldn't God [and in this case we are really speaking of Biblegod] be frank and filled with natural simplicity?  If the universe speaks of His glory, why are people coming up with all this convoluted, fancy pants stuff to show that He exists?  Why is it that they don't admit they can't prove a Biblegod but only that there is possibly some sort of god?  And a pretty vague sort of god at that!  Something must have started the universe or look at nature, there must be a god is a pretty wimpy argument for god!

Honestly, the comments back were pretty peeved at this concept of sophisticated theology but why wouldn't they be?  Like so many people, the original commenter who stated no one understood sophisticated theology would  not or could not explain himself.  I think what happens is that people presume that there is a god due to their culture and then think they can back that up with no evidence what so ever.

The commenter may have meant well or he may just be a blow hard [I'll take b] but ... I don't think he has thought through what he was saying, he knows it, so he blows up and says everyone in rude and picking on him.  Well, that just doesn't cut the mustard.  Biblegod has been proven to be a myth so show some evidence or go home.

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