Thursday, December 29, 2011

15 Year Old Girl Receives Really Nasty Comments Online

How to incite internet sexism.  You post your photo of you holding a book by Carl Sagan.  You are a girl.  You get disgusting comments.  Nice - NOT!

I was so angry at the attitudes displayed by people who then started talking like women who thought this was sexist and nasty are ball busting feminists.  Get a grip. No man should think it is okay to "joke" about leaving women bloody and hurting from a sexual encounter.  Ha Ha - yeah, that is so funny.  And the men need to quit saying that women who object are ball busters.  In what way?  Geez, women are just supposed to stand by and say it is okay for men [boys] to talk like this?   Men have talked about why women aren't more involved in atheist conventions and such and yet way too many men do not know how to appropriately speak to women.  Sex first, ladies, brains, ability, mutual interests last.

Building bridges of friendship?  Why bother, guys?  When  all you want is to say nasty stuff and, although I would fall off my chair if any woman said yes, and get a gal into bed. It would seem that willingly or unwillingly doesn't matter as it is all good if the guy got some sex out of it. It ends up seeming like with the kind of comments guys think they should be allowed to make.

Here is my little rant [er, comment].  Should anyone care to read it.
I think that anyone who some how manages to think that it is okay to talk about blood being nature's lubricant and other such horrors is disgusting.  I would not have it on my website and would delete such comments or moderate if it were a problem.  There should be some line of decency that when people cross that line then they are not allowed to comment.

I also do not think that the word feminist is a woman only issue having read quite a number of men using the word online. There are men and women that are feminists.  It does describe "equal political, economic, and social rights and equal opportunities" for women.   Feminism has created a better world.  Like atheists, feminists cannot really be put into a box.  Many feminists are stay at home moms or real live men who believe that gender should not be the deciding factor on issues of pay, tenure, running for political office and school sports programs which all went in favor of men for a long time.

The point being that wouldn't it be good to treat one another like individuals instead of this sort of crap where women are automatically targeted for gross comments.  I really don't get it even after hanging out around all guy groups for years.  Is there no other way to prove your manhood than saying weird sexual things about women and each other???  I will never understand this mentality.  Honestly, I've told guys to "knock it off, I've heard enough for one day".

Men who think they are being discriminated against on the basis of their gender will have to simply state that they are being discriminated against due to their gender.  There is no special word for that  Cry me a river!!!!  If it were a huge problem it would have  a name but it is somewhat of a fringe problem, now isn't it?  On the other hand, I think that gender equality [in the respect that each of us should be treated as individuals is a good thing] is the best course for all of us to live the lives that we, ourselves, want to live.  All of us, men and women.

If you are the one making gross jokes, stop and think for a moment.  How would you feel if women were online making jokes about cutting your penis off or whacking your balls with a hammer or any number of nasty sexual comments?  How would you feel if women were saying violent disgusting things about your ass bleeding makes for better f'ing with objects or some awful thing like that?  You wouldn't wonder about a mind that can say those things.

What if men were to down vote these comments or say "You went too far"?  Instead of women are whiners for not expecting gross and disgusting comments when they go online. If men were to say "That isn't right" instead of look at the feminists who want to cut our cojones off.  Women really need to consider leaving the atheist communities that allow this sort of comment.

Do atheists [read male atheists] want more women at their conventions.  Then learn how NOT to act like five year olds or disgusting pigs.  This is a skill that can be learned. Otherwise,  women may just have to band together and have their own conventions and leave the men in the cesspool.  I'm sorry guys.  I know that a lot of you are nice but there is way too many nasty talking men who don't know when to say "That isn 't a nice joke" or "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be so offensive.  I don't know what got into me".

End rant, I suppose.

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