Wednesday, December 7, 2011


The kitten was gone again last night.  I was worried that he had taken off for good.  This morning when Hubby went out to feed the goats, he checked the trash shed, looked into the kitty hut [a bin with a hole cut in it and some straw for warmth].  There was our new little kitty.  Hubby pulled it out.  The kitten  allowed itself to be petted but was not a happy camper.  He really is a bit feral.

Hubby called for cat food and I ran out into the 10 degree morning in my bare feet and with only a robe on to make sure we fed the little guy.  I picked the kitten up and held it close trying to warm it up a bit.  Its little ears seem cold to me.  He was shaking a bit.  He is probably very scared and yet has found a place with a few comforts so he is sticking around.  Let's hope he does stay here as the desert is a hard place to stay alive when you are a cat.  Owls, coyotes and cars make for some deadly adversaries.

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