Monday, December 12, 2011

Child Abuse

Okay, I can't fix you but I can encourage you.  I came from an abused kid background.  I am really doing good now a days.  If  a mess like me could get to a better place, you can too.  Remember, it takes time and effort but you are worth it.

How does it feel to come from an abusive home.  A home where you are shamed and silenced, beaten or sexually molested, hungry or unloved?  It feels like it is all your fault.     It feels like you are unlovable.  It feels like everyone else has friends and family and you don't.  That is what it feels like.

So, what do you do about those feelings?  First of all, remember how young and innocent you were.  Whether you were a toddler or fifteen years old, you were too young to take care of yourself and too inexperienced to realize that most people don't get treated badly like you were treated.  Learn to cut yourself some slack.  You were a kid!!!!!  You are a member of the human race and you deserved to be treated with dignity.  That didn't happen and you will have to deal with that fact but first of all, you never deserved to be hit or sexually molested or left home alone with no food.

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