Friday, December 9, 2011

Notable Quotable

We are intelligent because it allows us to be able to adapt better to our environment and thrive.  However, our ability to reason should not be taken as a reasonable proof of a god.  To me, it is all just a happy happenstance.  Besides, when we take into consideration just how screwed-up and thrown together our own bodies are, it is quite hard to claim an "intelligent designer" when a 5 year old with Legos can make something with more design sense.  There is nothing intelligent about how we are put together.  We are cobbled together by evolution into something "close enough for government work" to pass on DNA.  Else why would we worry about choking on cornbread?
Religion is a safety blanket.  As much as I dislike religion, I will not begrudge someone their safety blanket....until they try to smother me with it or start haranguing me for not having one.

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