Friday, December 9, 2011

Lunar Eclipse

Hubby announced that we are having a lunar eclipse tomorrow morning.  Rather than fall down to venerate him for having divine knowledge, I asked how he knew that.  It was published in the newspaper.

Being able to predict an event such as a lunar or solar eclipse used to put you into the Priest category in many cultures.  Of course, there are a few cultures where you would have been said to be consorting with the Dark Forces like Satan so there would be some potential for a bad outcome for the Prophet involved in the prediction.

Being an exChristian, I cannot help but think about how the stories in the Gospels of Mark, Matthew and Luke stated that the skies grew dark as Jesus was dying on the cross.

Wiki says:  Jesus' crucifixion took place around Passover, the middle of the lunar month and the time of a full moon. Solar eclipses naturally take place only at the time of the new moon. For this reason, medieval commentators viewed the darkness as a miraculous event rather than a natural one. Humphreys' and Waddington's reconstruction of the Jewish calendar, associating the crucifixion with a lunar eclipse rather than a solar eclipse, has been used to infer the date of the crucifixion.[45]

Well, throw in the walking dead and the curtain being torn in the Jewish temple along with earthquakes, well, I think someone would have written something about this at the time that these events allegedly occurred.  Although there were many writers of that area and time frame, not one of them mentions these events.  As is common with the Gospels, Mark had a fairly simple account and Matthew and Luke have additional fluffery to make the Jesus story even bigger and better.

Although there may have been a Jewish man that was killed, we have no evidence for the protagonist Jesus nor do we have any words written about Jesus during his lifetime or immediately afterwards.  Was there a man named Jesus.  I honestly don't think so but even if there was there is no evidence what-so-ever that there was the Son of God living on earth.

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