Tuesday, December 6, 2011


The kitten is still here!!!  Last night when Hubby came home from work he said he thought he heard a dying rabbit in the yard.  I said "Does it sound more like a little meowing kitty?"  Affirmative.

So, we went to look for the little goober and there it was behind the freezer.  We chased it around a bit and then let it be.  We set some food down for it, on the ground inside the trash shed.  [Yes, we have a shed just for the trash can.  The winds howl through here and I got tired of picking up the yard when the trash can blew over in the wind.]

There is a small table inside the trash shed with dry cat food and a bin with a hole cut in the side and some straw in it.  Junior the Cat never uses the bin to sleep in but when Hubby looked for the little kitty this morning, it was curled up inside staying warm.  It was 9 degrees this morning so I was glad to  see that it found a warm place to sleep.

Hubby reached in and touched the little kitty.  Of course, it seems a bit feral so it didn't like that and has again disappeared.  Hopefully it will stick around and tame down a bit.  We need to be able to grab it to get it fixed and get it some kitty shots.

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