Saturday, April 7, 2012

Wiseguy...Second Date

I went down to see Wiseguy again today.  Jan, his current owner, is such a nice lady.  We talked and she showed me how to harness the little guy.  Forgot to get photos.  It warmed up and I left my coat and the camera in the car.

She harnessed him and then I harnessed him.  She showed me how to drive him with the long line and the type of commands she uses like she says "Trot" when she wants him to trot.  He showed a bit of his personality today.  He is very sweet.

He did try to move around to follow people when it was my turn to "long line" him.  Then, because I wasn't directly behind him with the reins, he would get confused.  Jan walked me through it.  By the end of our session we were doing a much better job, Wiseguy and I.

When I was long lining him we went around a corner and there was a large dog behind a fence.  Wiseguy shied but I told him it was okay in a gentle voice and then clucked at him to keep moving.  Jan thought I handled that pretty good.

Wiseguy and I had a little heart to heart when he got back to his pen.  I got down with him, he brought his nose up close to the bars of the pen, we looked into each others eyes.  I told him, "You're going to like living with me, sweetie."  He gave me a little snuffle and said, "yeah, you aren't so bad."

I think we are going to make a good team.

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