Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Counting the Cost of Owning a Miniature Horse

$175 non-climb horse wire fencing
$ 70  6' gate
$200  plywood/ 2x6 lumber/2x4 lumber/screws/hardware
$150 driving lessons
$150 gas for driving lessons
$50 for horse evaluation by trainer
$20 gas to meet the horse
$500 for the horse
$800 cart and harness
$200 posts and rails
$17.75 grass hay
$66  trailer electric adapter
$100 44 gallon metal water tank
$70 fly spray, sand colic preventer, brushes, rubber bands, mane comb, rubber curry comb,
     coat stripping comb   [that works well on the dogs, too], salt, hoof picks, small brush for the legs
$60 more gas for more trips to see the horse and buy stuff for the horse
$70  horse training dvds, vet book, training book
$500 old trailer  

What does it cost to get a miniature horse?  I don't think we could have done this for much less.

So far, the total is about $2,400.

Now we will have the annual maintenance cost on top of that.  I'll try to keep track of it as I go.

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