Monday, April 23, 2012


A huge thunderstorm came through about 8pm.  LIghtning and thunder directly over the house.  It only lasted about thirty minutes and then it moved north and it was gone.  A very fast moving cell.  And a small one.  Very concentrated.  Hubby says there is a line in the akaline flats, wet on one side, dry on the other side.  It looks really wet out here but it is only wet on the surface.  Where you walk leaves dry foot prints.

One large zap of cloud to ground lightening that didn't seem all that close shut down the TV and the lights.  A big power surge but the electricity came back on right away so that was good.  The little horse was fine.

I am trying to get the little horse to play with his new horse toy but he has never had toys before so I don't know how this is going to work.  I am trying to keep him from looking so bored and nibbling stuff off the sand so much.  I am putting molasses on the large rubber ball with a handle for him to pick it up with.  We shall see if he starts liking it.

I didn't do much with him yesterday.  I had to go to town and when I got home it was 91 degrees out.  Then, Hubby got home and we did a few things like get the horse cart out of the truck and hang some hooks for the little guy's bridle.  By then it was getting dark and I needed to make dinner and hang with Hubby.  He is more important than a horse but I love them both:)

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