Friday, April 27, 2012

Northern Nevada Spring

Overnight got ugly at 34 degrees at 5:30am and just about 32 degrees at 6:30am.  The good news is that we didn't quite get to freezing, I think.  So far no damage and the temp is going up this week so we should be out of the danger zone.  Of course, this is Nevada so no guarantees.

Lilacs blooming
Large fruited crabapple blooming
Climbing roses in the front of the house really taking off this year
Populars, willows, fruit trees all getting leaves
grapes just starting to leaf out

Pulled one of the rhubarb to give some to Linda.  I am transplanting it to the fruit tree area anyway.  It was deeper than I thought and it has massive roots sort of  like yams.

We got the gates hung for the veggie garden driveway.  Nice.  We got the short piece of fence up that keeps the dogs out of the veggie garden on the far side of the horse shed.

We long lined the little horse on Wednesday.  We did pretty good.  He didn't want to turn left so I bopped him on the right shoulder.  That worked to give him the idea and after the third time he was no problem at all.  He likes trotting and I can't wait to get him into the cart so he can get a more exercise.  Hubby also drove him around the yard.

Also, on Wednesday, Hubby got the south side of the veggie garden rototilled.   Next week he should do the new north side area.  We went down by the river and got some materials for the horse hitchin' posts.  We found several old cedar fence pieces and that will make a nice rustic looking hitching post and then we got some cottonwood branches so we could make the crosspieces.  Fun!

Linda says she'll help teach me to lunge him.

Way windy yesterday so after getting the gates done we quit and had a nice rest of the day off in the house.

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