Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Day Off

Today was a day off.  I went to Wally World for about 3 things.  I used that darn self checkout that I hate so much.  I decided not to buy the anniversary photo world addition of the royals since it was $10.  The girl looked at me like I was a moron not being able to figure out the five screens with 8 options on each screen to cancel the item.  Geez, cut me some slack.  Honestly, I've never worked at Walmart.

The I went to Cost-I-spent-how-much?-co.  I bought some new wash cloths and a couple of pillows.  I can't seem to get a pillow I like.  We'll see how these down alternative pillows work out.

.I then went to the freezer section where I couldn't seem to contain myself.  Lobster Ravioli, I'll take it.  Hey, only $7 a meal.  Rib eyes wrapped in bacon, I'll take it.  Hey, only $5 per meal.  okay, those aren't complete meals but I bet they taste fantastic.  Mini Chicken Tacos, on sale.  Gotta have it.

I bought a number of things that don't take much cooking since I get tired of cooking.  Add a veggie and/or a fruit smoothie and we are done with dinner.

I bought the miniature horse a large rubber mat to put under his food dish.  I am trying to keep him from eating too much sand.  I also bought him a couple of horse toys.  One is a ball with a handle on it and the other one is like an exercise ball.  You buy the cover separate.  I think he looks bored, then he wanders around eating bits and pieces off the ground, thereby ingesting a fair amount of sand.  I am hoping to keep him a little busier.

After all of that, I went to the Olive Garden for lunch.  Soup, salad and bread sticks.  Delish. I had two kinds of soup. Chicken with potato gnocchi and the one with the potatoes, sausage and greens.  Both wonderful.  With the tip, it was $15 and worth every dime.

Last, I went for my haircut.  She did a great job.  I tipped her $7 which is probably a lot but she blow dried and everything.  She is a nice gal.

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