Friday, April 13, 2012

Three Days of Buying and Building

We agreed to buy this trailer for Wiseguy to ride home in.  It has a bit of rust but Hubby says it is quite serviceable.  We had to buy a wire adapter for it.  Don't ask how much it cost with 2 day shipping!

Hauling cement...

Opening cement bags....

And mixing cement was a large part of our three days of building.

We took time out to have Hubby meet the horse in person and look at the trailer.  Wiseguy was so cute.  He wanted to trot everywhere on his lead rope but walked when asked.  His trot is so slow that if I stride, he trots:)  Hubby really likes my little guy.

Hubby notched the corner posts for cross pieces using his one of his chainsaws.  He loved it.

The cross pieces are up and the X brace wires are on and twisted tight.  

The gate is up and you can see the top rails are going on.

More later.

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