Saturday, April 21, 2012

More Potatoes, Lettuce

Red Soto and German Butterball  Potatoes went in today.

Lettuce is in - about 15 feet of Red Oakleaf, Buttercrucnch, and a couple mixed varieties.

Watered the Street Side or West Zone overnight last night.

I probably could set up the tomatoes with the wall o water soon.

Got that cute little horse out and brushed him, cleaned his feet, combed his mane and tail, took him for a walk.  I love that little guy.

Watering the South Veggie Zone for an hour today to try to get the area moistened up.

Yesterday, I decided not to move the strawberries until October.  I saw a show on TV that said that is when to move them and make baby plants.   I ran some flat tube to start getting them some water.

It is so nice out that I am hanging the laundry on the line.

87 degrees today

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