Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wiseguy Comes Home

There is my little guy.  His new shed is in the background.  It is getting dark and he is trying to decide where the best place to sleep is.  Should he sleep in the shed or not?  He isn't sure so he is standing in front of it now.

He trailered nicely.  He looked a bit peeved and was whinnying.  I opened the hatch to check on him in the store parking lot halfway home.  He stomped his little hoof like "Hey, what are you doing to me?!"  Then he poked his head little head out to see where he was at.  He was quite curious.

We got him home.  Got him out of the trailer.  We walked him around the yard a bit to let him get used to things and then we walked back to see his new friends the goats.  The goats were already on top of the goat toy before we even got around the corner.  They couldn't believe this and weren't coming anywhere near that thing.  Wiseguy didn't look the least bit worried although he was a bit curious about the new guys.

We put him in the pen and left him alone for a couple of hours.  I then went out and bribed him with a carrot and got his halter on him.  We went for another walk around the yard.  I got him back in the pen after awhile and just sat with him while I had a cup of coffee.

He was eating, drinking and pooping.  I hope he's okay in the morning but he looked fine as darkness descended.

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