Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spring is Here!

It is early spring in my garden and I am working very hard at keeping down the weeds and getting the plants transplanted.  I am transforming the front garden into an easy to weed oasis in the desert.  The landscape cloth is down, the plants neatly arranged and my nifty wooden pathway is done.  The drip system is in place.  Now all I have to do is get the baby flowers started for the front edge and keep hauling in rocks from the side of the road.

Today I am quite busy putting in sagebrush.  I got it from by the railroad tracks.  It is native but doesn't grow in our yard without a little help from me.  I am still cutting back the dead silver sage and yarrow stalks.  Yeah, it should already be done by now but, hey, it has been incredibly windy this March and April.

I have also watched a few people blossom online.  It is wonderful to see people taking control of their lives as best they can.  Christianity not working for you, chop it down and throw it in the burn pile!  Make room for softer, kinder beliefs.  Quit trying to grow moist tropical jungle plants in the desert.  You are fighting against reason!

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