Saturday, April 23, 2011

Friends and Gardens

I laid out the new drip line around the veggie garden and sheds this morning.  Then I did some reconfiguring to get the different lines working more efficiently. The street side now waters the 6 elms in the back and a few poplars. The middle line now waters the new section of windbreak that snuggles up to the improved larger veggie garden that is being envisioned for next year.  The northeast corner is now devoid of any plantings but the new windbreak will give me the privacy I wanted and is much closer to the house.   The same amount of plants has been put into a shorter area and will fill in beautifully over the next couple of years.

Little Penny Poo Poo searched for rodents and dug holes and came back adorable dirty and sandy.

I went to the north side and pulled out tubing an plugged holes.  And loosened up the plants getting moved later in the day.  It rained the whole time but only lightly. Finally, about 11:30 I said enough and came in for lunch and a nap.

My neighbor friend came over about 3:30pm.  She has an ATV and a cute little ATV trailer.  She helped load up the plants from the back fence and brought them up to the line I have closer to the house.  There must have been 50 little shrubs and trees.  Then she helped me plant them.  Sometimes, as the song says, I get by with a little help from my friends.  I couldn't have done it without her.  She stayed for almost 2 hours.

It rained most of the day.  A warm and gentle rain.  I mention it again since it so unusual here to have a perfect and warm light rain.  It was the perfect day to be transplanting.  I worked on the drip system for the new plants from 6pm until dark at 8pm.  Long day but this is definitely what I needed to accomplish!  Another week or two and it will be hard on the plants.  I sort of wanted to do this while they were still dormant but between the wind and car shopping I just didn't have the time.

Time to rest up and start again tomorrow.  Spring will soon be over and planting season will be done.  Then it will be on to finishing up other projects.  Aspirin anyone?

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