Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring Garden

The weatherman is threatening me with 28 degrees tomorrow night.  Let's hope he revises that upward!

Greenhouse currently 74 degrees.  Cloudy, sunny,cloudy,sunny.  I'll just have to make sure I close it up early.

Windy but I did go get some wild brush and sagebrush early at my friends house for the west fence windbreak.  Running that zone to water them in.

Watered fruit tree zone overnight last night.  Hope to catch up on all the spring activity soon like looking at the crabapples that are blooming so prettily.  The mystery tree is blooming for the first time this year.  Maybe some sort of apple.  The Siberian crabapples are still small but mightily putting on size.

The pine trees on the wind fence are tiny still but they are trying hard.

Got the goats out with Penny this evening.  Rusty just couldn't handle this mission and I am too tired to work with him.  It never pays to work with an animal when you are not feeling well yourself.   Penny did really well for about half an hour or maybe 40 minutes.  Then she got the goats running and they headed for the pen.  A little too soon for my taste.  The goats were later poking around the pen like they were still hungry so I pulled a bucket of weeds from the front and gave it to them.  I am not feeding them alfalfa with this many weeds available!

Have to clean a house tomorrow so I am trying to rest up.  Spring is a lot of work.  When I am tired I make lists of what I need to do.  Like that is accomplishing something.

Royal fever has come upon me. Kate and Wills are getting married tomorrow in the wedding of the century.  Or should I say Catherine and William?  I have a lot to do tomorrow so good thing I have the DVR recorder so I can watch it all later in the day!  I've already warned Hubby that I can't miss a single minute of it so don't mess up the recording schedule, please.

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