Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Garden

Oh boy! Oh boy!  Oh boy!   My seed flats are already coming to life.

Cosmos is popping up.
Zinnias are working it.
Basil just starting to show.
Marigolds looking good.

I love spring.

I got a new gadget for the irrigation system.  It is a tank you hook up.  You put fertilizer in it and it dispenses it over the next one or two hours to all the plants on the line.  I tried it and it works!  Now we have to see if the plants are growing better over the next week or two.

Looks like the transplanted plants in the newly redone front window garden are all happy.  I don't know if all the lavender lived...yet.  Have to give it some more time.

Today I need to work on the "spring garden" I am planning for the dog kennel area.  I think there are a number of plants that can be consolidated over there and they will do better than in the south facing "under the front window garden".  Snow stars, daffodils, Japanese iris,  a couple of Shasta daisies are going to planted around the Medlar fruit tree [yes, it is some sort of weird European fruit], 2 forsythia I am moving out of the dog kennel area to the front of the dog kennel area, along with one currant.  It is lovely, cool and less windy so the spring plants will like it, I think.

Hoping to clean out the goat pen.  They have been a bit neglected in that I have pulled the straw out of the shed and just left it lying in the pen.  The winds have been atrocious and when it hasn't been windy I have had to get the transplanting done that I need to accomplish SOON.  Before I know long it will be warming up considerably and I need these transplants to have time to settle in.

Cool, cloudy and probably windy again later.  Gotta get busy.

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