Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Exhaustion has set in.  I nodded off on the couch last night only to awaken and drag my sorry butt off to bed.  The weather is beautiful this spring, except for the winds.  We were spared yesterday but it looks like the winds will be back this after noon.

Watered the street side overnight.  Watering in the summer veggie garden area to get the amendments to compost in the soil.

Grazed the goats this morning.  So pleasant.  Cloudy and the birds were not singing like most mornings.  Will it rain?  Probably not but even if it does it won't be enough moisture to make a difference this time of year.  What to do?  Rest up, do only the bare minimum to keep the property happy for a couple of days.  Maybe finally start the indoor seed flats.  Go see a friend and relax for a couple of hours.

Other stuff to do for a couple of days.  The garden will have to wait on me Thursday and Friday.  Saturday, I will start all over again.

Pleasantly surprised by how big some of the trees are getting - finally.  This will be our fifth spring on our property.  Got to do some  of the fun stuff finally.  Like building an arbor and making a few pathways of rock or wooden planks.

This is when the garden starts to come in to its own.  Five years in.  The perennial flowers have grown large.  The garden soil has improved.  The areas are becoming defined.  Changes are being made - adjustments, now that we know our property well enough and our climate well enough and we have learned a bit more about what we like and what we want and what will on our property.

Gardening is a metaphor for life.  Now that I know more about what will work and what won't work in my own life.  And that makes for a better self.  It takes time to grow all the shrubbery and trees and install the fountains and  nurture the flowers and build the arbors.  But, a life without the effort to make a beautiful landscape inside oneself is no more fulfilling than living on a pile of sand without any shade or windbreaks or flowers for the beauty they provide.

Above freezing overnight - yahoo!  And it has been above freezing for the whole week but I am worried about tomorrow night.  Let's hope the weather report is wrong and it doesn't get down to 31 degrees.

The wind is kicking up already [10am] and is rumored to be hitting 35 mph today.  Ah well, I needed the day of rest anyway.

Grazed goats
Watered drip veggie for an hour or so to keep new seeds moist

Started in flats this afternoon
Pumpkins-Howden in peat pots yesterday
 Peppers Cayenne Thick
Tomato - Delicious
Tomato - Siberian
Cosmos - Candystripe
California poppies - Jelly Bean
 Marigold mix - Boy O Boy
Salvia - Evolution
Snapdragons - Chantilly [open flower style]
Zinnia - State Fair
Zinnia - Cactus flower
Desert Peach
Orange Yucca
Watering back area drip overnight

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