Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring Garden

Boy, it was cold overnight.
31 degrees on the breezeway early this morning.  It looks like nothing got frosted.  Got lucky.
41 degrees in the greenhouse at 7:40am.  Should have closed it up sooner.  The zinnias were fine though.

Sunny and not too warm today.  Got to do some burning, finally.  It has been too windy to burn so far this spring.

Heard it will be breezy later.

Trying to sell the old Neon for a few hundred dollars.  Gotta pay for registration on the new 2008 Honda Fit.  Cute car, great gas mileage.  The newest car we have owned in years!  Has A/C.  Loving that.

Neon is sold.

The dogs did so well at staying while I was getting the goats out.  Then poor Rusty got excited and went the wrong way to herd the goats and frightened them back into the pen.  I locked him in the house though not out of meaness.  I just needed to get those goats fed and it was starting to take a long time. Tomorrow we will try it again.  I am very proud of Rusty.  He's a very good boy.

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