Thursday, April 21, 2011


It is raining hard as the sun comes up this morning.  I didn't  think it would rain so I am going through a list of things I might have left out.  Fortunately it is a short list but I guess I better run out there and wrestle the rototiller into the shed.  It is always hard to be unhappy about moisture.

Guess I will throw the goats some hay this morning and relax until I have to leave at 8am.

Naturally it didn't rain much or for very long.  Grazed the goats after all and got them some good clean dry straw in the goat hut.

The irrigation supply company sent me the wrong part so I will have to box it up and send it back!

I think it is the right part so good to go.

Grazed the goats and met some new neighbors that are moving in around here.  They seem really nice.  Hoping to have them over for some venison on Sunday.  Mostly rested up so I can start all over again.

Crossing my fingers that it will stay above freezing tonight.

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  1. Re: Goats.

    Do you keep them to keep the grass/ weeds down, or are they destined for the pot? I have quite a few Afro Caribbean friends and the stews they make are just... mwah!! K