Friday, April 1, 2011

Notable Quotable

MaverickJester says:

 Bill Maher said something that struck me as profound. He said that being able to doubt is a luxury. There are some people, he said, who cling to religion because that is all that they have.

I think that is indeed sometimes very true.  I remember reading as a Christian the "inspiring story" of some gal whose last name was Tada.    She was paralyzed as a teenager.  She seemed to believe that god wanted her to be nearer to him and so, because she was being drawn away from god, this happened to her.  God loves her so much.  She is super special to god.  She is invited to go to Billy Graham meetings and be a speaker.

What happens to a gal like that if she realizes that it was all just a big mistake?  The only purpose in her life is the one she herself created.  Her mission, her goals, her very reason for being are at stake here as is her entire support group.  Hubby is evangelical, friends are evangelical, her job is predicated on being a Christian.  Wow.  I sure wouldn't be in hurry to burst her bubble.

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