Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring Garden

The garden peas, snow peas and snap peas have finally gone in today.  Yes, I am a little behind but the wind as been atrocious.

I have been quite busy.  Systemic on the fruit trees and willows.  Yeah, I don't like to but we are having terrible problems with borers and our trees are so young and vulnerable.

I ordered drip line today.  I am going to redo the North windbreak.  I am moving it closer to the veggie garden [in its imagined new configuration]. Hubby and I are hashing out how we are going to change up the veggie garden.  We aren't quite seeing the same vision though he has agreed to most of what I want.

I redid the front garden.  Last August I got some free vinyl fencing, in the picket style.  I got it put in around the front of the house in a timely fashion and it looks great.  It also helps with the winds.    The crabapple trees are starting to look like real trees.  The ornamental pear is still not very big but is growing.  Maybe it will take off this year.  I designed and built a wooden walkway that has a flowing stream shape.  Redid the Feather Reed grass to follow along the backside along with some Golden Rods and Russian Sage.  On the front side of the wooden walkway, I followed along the curves with Coral Penstemmons and some lavender I split up.  Hope the lavender lives:)  I am picking up rocks on my way home to fill the area in with rocks.  The whole area is on drip.  The very front is on sprinklers and I have high hopes for a three foot wide row of annuals.  We'll see.

The West  end of the house is getting a make over, as well.  The picket fence wraps around the west end and I built an arbor to walk through.  I am installing a native stone path as I get the flat  rocks from the ridge.  I have started a sedum garden.  A few cottoneasters and a couple of blue hollies along with Saskatoon grasses and blanket flowers are making it a really nice looking area.  Oh yeah,  I have a Purple Robe Locust that is already 11 feet tall to shade the breezeway.  It will be so nice when it grows large enough to give a cooling effect over there.

I have other plans but this is what I have accomplished so far.

The Sand Cherries are literally vibrating with the buzzing of bees.

I have been on a new adventure last two days.  The goats have been going out with me to eat weeds on the back of the property.  They are very sweet and cute but very worried.  This is the first time since we got them 3 or 4 years ago that they have been out of their pen.  [Except for a couple of incidents where they parted the wire from the posts.]  Every time a car goes by they run for their lives.  They are getting a bit used to it and not running as far now.  But... a three wheeler Harley come bombing by quite loudly.  That was just too much for all three of them.  They ran for the pen and didn't stop until they were up on the goat toy.  I coaxed them back out with some apple treats.  I was laughing so hard to see those goats running willy-nilly for the safety of their pen.

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