Friday, April 22, 2011


Pretty tired still but... I had to clean a house today for a friend.  The goats grazed while I drank my coffee this morning.  Obie, the big goat, is very stubborn sometimes.  He decided he would have to eat the baby pine tree and we duked it out for several minutes.  I won until I turned around and saw the two little goats finishing it off:)  Oh well, I tried.

Grazing the goats twice a day is relaxing and the weeds are a bit thinner.

It is gently raining.  It doesn't make much of a difference in the ground moisture but I enjoy the soft rain.  I guess it reminds me of Seattle.  I wouldn't want to live there but it is nice to have it visit once in awhile.

Nothing much new in the garden but there is a little cottontail sneaking around out there.  Along with two quail that were running from bush to bush like I couldn't see them.

Picked up the house and started on the laundry; kept up on the kitchen.  But mostly sat around trying to work up the energy for tomorrow.  Definitely hope the hip stops hurting.  Why today?  Maybe its the rain.

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