Monday, August 7, 2017

Tucker and I work alone

Tucker is getting a nice meal but only after he worked for me 
I saddled up and had a relaxing good time with Tucker. We were all by ourselves today and we took it all at a pace that I was happy with.
I took him through the new obstacle course with the big logs spread out a horse length apart. He did pretty good. around through the brush trail, through the weave poles, through the cowboy curtain that was not hanging down. It was windy yesterday.
Through the zigzags and over to the barrels.
Did drop your head. Yep, we had some problems with backing but less today. Same with give me your head flex to the side.
I tried hard to do good rein management.
We went into the arena. He wasn't too happy but I gave him a carrot piece at the blue barrel...twice. Later, I had him flex his head towards me and gave him a carrot piece that way from each side. I did have him jog in the arena but at least he got a couple of treats while he was in there.
Out of the arena and back on the obstacle trail. I even had him jog just a bit between obstacles this time.
Took Tucker out front and decided what the heck, let's go down the sand road.  We had a small argument when we got to the street. I was patient put made him give me his head. After a few tries we got straightened out and got moving in the right direction.
We had an argument when we got to the neighbor's house. He said, 'We are going home. I said, "We are not going home, flex and give me your head. Do not back, flex and give me your head." Using some firmness and appropriate releases of pressure, I got him pointed the right way.
I said "We are going to walk, now" off we went with a few taps on the sides with my feet. We made the whole way [1/2 a mile or so] crossed the street so we could say we went somewhere new [about 100 feet] turned around and headed home the way we came.
He did get a little like 'I want to jog'. I told him we don't jog home.
When we got home, I dropped the gate opener so I had to dismount without a block. I had him facing the gate so he couldn't move forwards. I got off safely!
Since I was already off I decided we could bring the big rolling trash can in with us So horses on the right, trash cans on the left and in we went.
So that coming home wouldn't be a good time, I walked on the lead into the round pen and had him do some groundwork like back and turn the hind. I tied him up, loosened the saddle, took off his bridle and left him standing there for a good 20 minutes.
I hosed him off and slicked him down and cleaned his feet.
Then, he got that reward he so wanted, "Lunch is served."
That was at least an hour and a half in the saddle! I was out there about 3 hours total.

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