Friday, March 16, 2012

What I did on Wednesday

I moved the last grape vine that needed moving.  

I watered my mountain of compost.  The weather has been warmer and watering is getting easier since everything isn't frozen solid every morning.

I turned a bunch of the compost over the last three days so that it will be evenly moist and start cooking.

I have been digging roots out of the ground in the new horse area and the new garden area.  

I helped Hubby string up this 20 foot section of fencing on the south side of the veggie garden.

Hubby had to move the hinges on the goat pen gate to the left side because the new fencing was changing the way the closures were working.  This will be better anyway since it won't close by itself.  Imagine being a goat and arriving at your pen from dining, you have two dogs following you and you can't get in.  That sucks.

Here is the veggie garden man gate with some tasteful but reused green wire on the bottom.  That'll keep Little Penny Poo Poo out of the garden [and the compost pile!]

This is the driveway where we are installing a large gate sometime soon.  We still have to make into town to buy the gate.  I put up the short tacky fencing to keep the dogs out temporarily.

This is when I take the whole of Thursday off trying to be rested up enough to clean someone's house and hope that the trainer really does cancel on me due to an exiting miniature horse event that is in town.  So far, I haven't heard from her.  I always end up thinking I should be getting more done.  Yeah, I need therapy.  How many ladies have gotten this much heavy duty yard work done this spring?

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