Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mini Madness

Good thing I got the camera replaced because Monday I am going to see the little horse I am considering buying.  I will get photos.  Yes, I am excited.

The lady is really nice.  The horse sounds adorable.  My trainer thought the horse and the cart were a good price.  I already knew that.  I told my trainer that I did want to go look at this horse since there are very few horses available that are the right temperament, size and trained.  I have been looking at ads for a long time since long before I decided to take driving lessons and the number of horses that qualify for my criteria that are near us is very small.  There have been a couple that were quite expensive but I have to keep the price within the realm of reason.  This is a pet.  Let's be realistic.

I don't mind spending a reasonable amount of money.  I don't think having a horse will be the cheapest hobby I can come up with but it does't have to reach outrageous levels.

As it turns out, this lady also has a small horse trailer for sale.  She thinks she will be asking $600 so we might end up negotiating for that.  We shall see.  Hubby will definitely have to be in on that decision since he is the mechanical genius around here.  I just build sheds:)

I got my confidence boosted today.  I am still not a great horse driver but I did much better at harnessing the little guy and I did much better at driving him.  We did an obstacle course.  Basically I confused the horse a lot but the horse was also trying very hard to take matters into his own hooves and do what he thought was next instead of listening to me.  Why is that a confidence booster?  I pulled it together.  I listened well to the instructor.  I got the horse to understand that we were doing it my way and it all came together.  Yeah!!!!!

The wind is ripping.  The jet stream must be right over us.  I'll have to check the weather map.  In any case, the winds are doing fifty in continuous gusts.  When you walk across the yard, sand pelts you and blows up into your face.   Hate it!!!  These kind of windy days suck.  I fed the goats and I see they are out there trying to find the bits that are blowing across the pen.  Looks like we are in for a windy spring.  That makes it hard to get everything done.  One year I had to wear a shemagh for several months every time I worked in the yard.  A shemagh is a military version of the Bedouin scarves.  They are large enough to go over your head, cross in the front and then tie behind your neck.  Great protection in the desert.  You can buy them from military surplus catalogs.

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