Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Couple of Strangers Strode Into Town Today

I went outside to yesterday to feed the goats.  Little Taffy was staring hard away from the food.  He wouldn't even look at the hay.

"Hey, Taffy!  What you lookin' at?"  Taffy is frozen, staring. That is very odd.   I walk towards him and then, from around the goat shed, I can see two horses on our fence line.

"Where did you guys come from?"

I went into the house and called the sheriff's dept. to see if anyone had reported their horses missing.  Nope, no one has called.  Well, they are wearing halters, are not wild and if someone is looking for them they're over here behind my place.

 I walked around to the outside of the fence to see if the horses would come to me.  Nope, not happening.

I called my closest neighbor and she moseyed over to take a look at them.  Nothing much happens around here so this kind of livened up the day.

Finally, I saw a guy leaving the  house that has been sitting empty next door.  Of course, I want to know who he is and why he is in the empty house next door.  So,  I holler, "Hey, do you know anything about those horses?"

"No," he hollers back.

I ask him "How long have they been there?" and he tells me all afternoon.

"Are you doing maintenance on that house?"  I ask.

"I bought the house."

"Really, then I'm your neighbor.  My name is Liz."

Craig is looking forward to living in the country, likes gardening and might get a big dog.  Someone tried to steal the electrical wire that was going to his house.  I told him we have been trying to keep an eye on the place but we didn't notice that.

He also had to shock the well since the water tested positive for e. coli and coliform.  I'm thinking because it was sitting there for so long without being run but...who knows!

Back to the horses.  I called a couple of more people, one of whom called the mail lady who thought she might know where the horses belong but that guy doesn't have a phone so she would go over and see.  The horses were in love with my goats and hung out near them until it was pitch dark.  They took off running when I wasn't looking.  I went out to see if they were still there and all I could see was the dark forms of two horses, tails up and moving fast in the red light from the tail lights from a couple of cars on Ninth St. And then they were gone.

Two big happenings in one day around here.

Looks like it is going to be warm and sunny today.  I'm off to rake and burn.  I am so almost done with this phase of our yard.  It will be a happy day when I hang up the hedge trimmer and put away the rake and the matches.

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