Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Seed Starting or Let the Garden Begin

Let the garden begin!  Today I am starting the first of my greenhouse seedlings.  I actually start them indoors for the first two weeks since my greenhouse is not heated and seeds like a fairly even heat to germinate well.

I got this nifty coconut coir in a block this year.  Good price from Gardner's Supply Company.  I like coconut coir as a seed starting medium.

You put the block in a bucket with quite a bit of water.

In a few minutes, it fluffs up into this nice, moist material.

My seeds are organized [at least the ones I bought are, the seeds I saved are another story].

I put the coconut coir medium into this tray with larger sized planting squares since the tomatoes are in the greenhouse for about 8 weeks  and will benefit from the extra room.

I am growing three kinds of tomatoes this year.  I select short season varieties.  The Sungold hybrid is a new one for me, as is the Legend variety.  The Delicious variety is left over from last year.

I put three seeds in each pot.

Cover the seeds with about a 1/4 of an inch of coconut coir and the label them.  Into the house for a toasty couple weeks.  We'll see how soon they come up.

Average date of last frost in my area is May 15th. This year could be May 1st [maybe I am being optimistic].  Last year it was May 30th.   Yeah, my climate sucks.  It is so variable.

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