Saturday, March 17, 2012

Rice Grass in the Sun

This is my beautiful rice grass before being trimmed back.  So puffy and tan.  I trimmed it all off using my nifty gas powered hedge trimmer. Yep, all five acres of it.  Or maybe there is only 4 out of five acres with rice grass on it.  Soon, it will be sprouting new green growth and we shall begin the march to tan, puffy perfection again.  Gotta love nature.

Rice grass is fantastic.  It is a bunch grass.  It has deep roots that withstand the sand being blown away from the base of the clump.  The deep roots help hold the sand in place.  The grass grows even though it gets no extra water.  Remember we only average six inches of precipitation a year around here.  That is snow and rain. The quail eat the seeds and the goats eat the grass tops.  Wonderful stuff - rice grass.

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