Thursday, March 15, 2012

Miniature Horse Driving Lesson

Last Saturday I had another miniature horse driving lesson.  I was having a very rough day.  I was very tired and wasn't mentally sharp.  So, what happens?  My trainer decides I am ready to do several things my own.  I am thinking, no, not today!!!

I'm only telling you guys this stuff because nobody in the horse world reads my blog!

She calls me on the way there and tells me to go ahead and get the horse out myself.  I've never done that before.  I arrive at the pen and there isn't three horses in the pen.  There is five horses.  They all run over to see me except Knockout who turns his butt to me and walks to the other side of the pen.

Great!  The horse doesn't even want to speak to me.  I greet the other little guys and get them to back up and I open the gate and get in the pen.  There are several halters hanging there and I pick one.  Damned if I can't figure out which way is up on the darn thing.  At least Knockout has decided to come over to me so it looks like he isn't going to be a problem after all.

There is a guy cleaning the pen and he puts the halter on for me.  My brain fog doesn't let up but I do get the little guy out of the pen without letting any other horses out.  I confidently walk him over and tie him to the post correctly with the right knot.  I brush him and he looks a little like I am not doing it right.  Maybe I am just being sensitive.

I cleaned his hooves.  The trainer showed up.  She is a nice little gal but this is only my third time harnessing and I really was in a brain fog and she says "I'm  not going to tell you how to put the harness on him this time."  I'm barely thinking but what I am thinking is "No, not today.  Help me!"  So, she doesn't and I have to ask her about just about everything that goes on the little guy.

I was just as bad off driving.  I kept getting my hands wrong and I just could not pull it together.  Honestly, if I was at home and the trainer wasn't counting on me to show up, I would not have driven a horse that day.  I have been pushing way too hard to get a lot done and I have kind of hit the wall.

Oh well, I am kind of hoping that the trainer is busy this weekend since I am still tired.  Hope I get rested up soon.    Anyway, I certainly hope I can pull it together.

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