Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Grape Mania

Yep, Hubby ordered lots of grape vines this year.
Himrod:  Vigorous vines produce large, loose clusters of oval, soft, flavorful berries. Grapes have a honey-like flavor and a melting, juicy texture. Moderate disease resistance.

Einset:  Einset is a red seedless variety with oval, bright red medium sized berries with slightly tough skin that adheres to the tender flesh. Einset has a distinctive strawberry jam flavor.  

Venus:  A vigorous and productive blue-black variety. The medium clusters of Venus ripen early, producing large berries with a mild flavor combination of labrusca and muscat.

Mars:  Mars is a vigorous, blue seedless variety. Clusters are medium sized and well-filled with slip-skin berries and mild labrusca flavor. Vines have good disease resistance and may bear fruit precociously, so production should be controlled on young vines to prevent delays in establishment.

Jupiter:  This early maturing blue variety has large berries on medium sized clusters. This is a great disease resistant seedless variety with a distinct muscat flavor! The leaves can be used for stuffing. Jupiter does require fungicide sprays for successful production.

We got them from:

Double A Vineyards

They are all self rooted.  That means they are ungrafted.  We had grafted grapes and all but one turned into Concord seeded grapes.  Really sucked.  They all came up from below the graft and our fantasies of delicious pink, red, blue and white seedless grapes all fell into the dirt.

Hopefully these will do better.

Hubby dug five large holes.  He also had to string up another set of wires since we apparently didn't have an available spot for one of the grapes.  I helped him place them and then he shoveled dirt while I packed the soil around the roots.  Here's to hoping that we get delicious grapes and raisins with in a couple of years.

No photos.  The #%^@*&# blankety-blank camera is malfunctioning.  I just bought it in January at Costco. It is called a CoolPix camara.  I can't find the receipt and don't know if they will take it back.  Poop!

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