Friday, March 9, 2012

Fencing - It's a lot of work

First we put up a string line.  The goats were fascinated.

The string line is up.

Next, Hubby digs a deep hole.

Then, he makes sure the post is in the right spot.

Finally, we mix up light weight fence post concrete in the wheel barrow.  Using a level, we concrete the post into place.

I had to put down the camera and start helping.  I use the level while Hubby shovels the concrete in.    He has already completed the other side with the crossbar for strength.

So, here it is with the man gate for the garden already in place.  We have to put about 20 feet of welded wire up on the right side but first....we have to change the gate for the goats to a left hand hinge set up.  The gate needs to open to the opposite side with the new fence set up.

We will need to put a short piece of wire on the bottom of the gate to keep our short little dog out of the veggie garden.

The big cross piece is going to have a 14 foot gate and then Hubby also wants a 4 foot man gate over by the greenhouse.  That will equal an 18 foot hole to aim at when we are backing the utility trailer into the shed/veggie garden complex.

I'll have to get some photos of the greenhouse, shade cover and long shed and driveway areas.  I am pretty proud of myself.  It has taken several years to get it all done but it looks fantastic and is working pretty much the way I wanted it to work.

Crossing my fingers that this part of the yard will be fenced on our next days off.  We shall see.

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