Sunday, March 25, 2012

Is that another shed in your yard?

Yes, this is the seventh shed Hubby and I have built.  Two were metal shed kits.  One is a green house.  One is a shade cover/hay shed, the goat shed and then there is the long shed.

[Oh, I forgot, I also made two "freestanding sheds" that are technically portable but very heavy.  One for the trash can and one for the freezers.  I guess that means we have built 9 sheds plus the horse shed plus the shed we bought equals 11 sheds on the property.  I have tried to do a very tasteful job of placement.]

We bought the cute little barn style shed when we first moved in here and all our stuff was laying in the dirt while we were getting the garage built.  The garage didn't take long to build but we had to wait three or four months for the contractor to have the time in his schedule to build the garage.

I am basically in charge of getting the last several sheds done.  The greenhouse, Hubby helped me get it started and he helped frame for the windows.  It definitely was a two person job getting the windows in but I did all the rest of the framing and the walls, the trim work and painting.  I put a ventilator turbine in the roof and a small ventilation window in the far side.  I hung a wooden door and re-used our broken screen door on the east side.  I am pretty proud of the greenhouse.  Sturdy and very usable.  The long shed, Hubby did the posts and then I was on my own.  On the shade cover, I actually did most of the posts myself.  Okay, there was a little boo boo on placement of one of the posts but you can't really tell unless I point it out and I don't!

I built the trash can shed and the freezer shed all by myself:)  They aren't perfect but they have held up for a number of years and through several ninety MPH wind storms.  Not to mention the one year where we had two feet of heavy snow.  Didn't break my roofs!

Building a shed requires a lot of stuff.  First thing I loaded up the back of my new '92 Toyota Forerunner and drove confidently into the garden knowing that I could use my 4-wheel drive capacity if needed.  I have ladders and lumber and a drill and a level and other miscellaneous items.  I used to walk everything to my projects but then I realized I was wearing myself out just getting it all organized and set up so I started driving the bigger items in whenever possible.

Getting the first board just right is very important since everything else will be measured and leveled to this board.  

I dropped my drill bit into the sand, darn it!  Even though I saw exactly where it landed, it disappeared into the endless grains of sand and I couldn't find it.  That happens a lot. So, I walked all the way back to the garage to find some more drill bits.  Found a brand new four pack in the tool chest.  Yeah!!!!

On my way to find bits I noticed that the forsythia is blooming.  Spring is really here even though it was 28 degrees overnight Friday night and 30 degrees overnight last night.

I am doing an inside the box rail construction.  I have put up the rails for the wall in the back and then set the rails for the side on top of the back rail.  It is simple this way.  The ends that are sticking out at the back and on the right are going to get cut off.  Hubby says I have to change the roof rails to stick out on each side instead of planning them flush since that will give the roof more support.  He's right but I told him I might wait for him to finish this project.  It is hard to do this by myself.  

How do I do this by myself?  I use cleats to hold the boards up while I get a screw in, slap a level on there and get another screw in on the far side and then finish up with another screw into the ends of each board.  A pain to do on the really high stuff like the roof boards.  Up the ladder down the ladder.  Up the the ladder, down the ladder, ad infinitum.

I thought I did great!  I also got the really big grease wood roots out of the ground in the horse pen and took a large wheelbarrow load of compost from the horse area to the newer compost pile.  The compost isn't composting in the horse area because it is too dry.  That stuff is well over a year old and mostly still looks like  straw.  The newer compost area has a hose available and is actually starting to really cook.

I finished up with getting the greenhouse going.  More on that later!  Then, I told Hubby to please drive by the Take and Bake Pizza joint on his way home from work since I was far too tired to cook.  I hadn't done the dishes from last night yet, either.  Don't tell the neighbors.

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