Monday, February 13, 2012

Burning Brush - Photo Opportunity!

You can see all the brush I have lined up in the driveway to burn.  I am burning dried grass, purple smoke bushes [I call them spindle plants]and lots of greasewood.  Within moments of starting the fire, woosh, the first pile goes up in super hot flames.  That's why it is called greasewood - because it burns like pouring grease on a fire.

The flames don't last long so I shoved the camera in my back pocket and started throwing on the rest of the brush one big armful at a time.

I have been using my new [used] gas powered hedge trimmer to cut back brush, lop off spindle plants and dried grass tops.  Sure is a time saver.  I have also used it to trim back the sand cherries and the silver buffalo berries to make sure the stay neat and tidy.

After I have been cutting for awhile, I then have to rake and/or carry the yard debris into a pile where it is safe to burn, get my shovel and rake at the ready for safety and light it up!  It has been so dry this winter that you have to be extra careful.  I sure wouldn't want to have to tell the neighbors I started the famous fire of 2012 in our neighborhood.

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