Friday, February 3, 2012

Seed Order and Nused Truck

So. what does a gardener do when the weather sucks and it is still winter?  Order from the seed catalogs, of course.  I stopped myself  from buying "just a few trees" since I have plenty of trees that just need to grow and I will have the shade and wind protection I long for.

I did buy asparagus since my original asparagus is not doing well.  I put it in about 5 years ago and haven't had much luck with it.  The freeze comes along and gives it frost bite and then it doesn't want to produce.  I got a different variety that is hopefully later to come up in the spring.

We ordered corn and  peppers and tomatoes, cukes [but they don't have the Chinese cukes I ordered so I'll have to see what I can do about that].  We have Snap peas and snow peas and garden peas.We are growing 2 or maybe 3 kinds of radishes.  We always have fillet beans, purple beans, Italian flat beans and wax beans, all in the bush variety.  We just can't seem to get the tall vining kinds going.

We are growing orange hubbard, ebony acorn and a newer version of the Waltham butternut winter squashes.

I ordered 5 kinds of garlic and the usual red, white and yellow onions.

I have Russian finger potatoes that I will dig up and replant for the new crop and I ordered some seed potatoes so we would have a couple of more varieties.

I'll be moving the strawberry plants that we have instead of buying new ones.  I am rearranging the garden so this is my chance to move them.

We are planting the long cayenne peppers, as usual.  I am trying 2 new sweet peppers since I rarely have much luck with the bell peppers.

I finally got some cauliflower and broccoli last year so I am doing both of those plus Brussels sprouts!!

We are sticking with Fleet corn for another season.  It is tasty and it holds on the plant really well.  Good fresh and from the freezer.

I splurged and bought Wave petunia seeds at $5 for fifteen seeds.  Worth it because the Wave petunias really are fantastic and they cost about $5 for one plant at the home center.

I'll talk some more about the actual varieties being grown as I start getting these seeds started.

I have to go out to the wooden shed and see what seed starting supplies I can rustle up and I need to make sure the seed starting rack is put together and ready to come inside on March 15th.  We generally want to be planting in the veggie garden about May 15th.  Some years we can start a little earlier but last year it was May 30th.

Nused Truck

What is a nused truck?  It is a new used truck or new to me, as my friends say.  Hubby and I saw a pretty good deal on a '92 Toyota Forerunner.  It is a V-6 with rebuilt tranny, motor and transfer case.  The body is in great shape.  .  It is white with a blue stripe on it.

Power windows, power door locks, power mirrors, power sunroof.   Nice.  It has A/C but it needs to be recharged.  New tires.

The interior is in pretty good shape.

Sure, it is old so it has a couple of minor issues one of which is that it needs a new exhaust system.  The pipes are rotting but that is a pretty minor deal.  Hubby will be able to fix that no problem.

Did I mention four wheel drive?   Oh yeah, I need that living out here in the sand!!!  Manual transmission but really an easy vehicle to shift so I am quite happy.  And it has a trailer hitch receptacle and is wired for pulling a trailer.  I didn't know I would get that as well

It looks nicer than my old Toyota truck, which now has 350,000 miles on it and is getting a bit rusty.  Also, the sand storm before Thanksgiving ate the paint on the front end of the little Toyota truck which added to the tacky factor.

Some of you back east will be saying to themselves "Geez, it can't look good".  We don't have much snow out here and the roads don't get salted much.  We don't get a lot of rain either so a 20 year old truck can still look pretty good.  The best part is, no car payment.  That is why I drive older vehicles.  Car payments totally suck.

What's the damage to the pocketbook?  $2,500 - quite the deal, I think!

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