Thursday, February 2, 2012


We have valiantly been attempting to grow seedless table grapes here in the desert.  Technically, grapes should be in a climate zone here where they will survive.  A man coming down the hill on Ninth has a lot of wine grapes planted.  I heard through the grapevine that between the ground squirrels and the squirrelly weather, that he isn't having much success.  I know how he feels.

We have 7 grapevines, half of them replanted since the first ones didn't make it.  After the fall crop it has become quite apparent that six out of the seven have grown up from below the graft so now they are seedy Concord grapes.  I didn't think they were very tasty either.

So, I asked Hubby to find us some self rooted grapevines with no graft.  Thanks to the internet he was able to find what we wanted, no problems.  He ordered us a Mars - a blue grape; Venus and Einset - red grapes; Himrod - a white grape; Jupiter - blue-black?  All self rooted which means no graft to worry about.  If they freeze to the ground they will at least come up as what they were.

We think the one survivor is a Canadice.  They were tasty grapes, though a bit small.  He wants to try grafting a Canadice onto a Concorde rootstock.  I say have at it!!!  I don't think it will work but one always has to be trying new things.

I am moving the Concord crappy grapes onto the fences around the yard for extra gree and wind break material.  At least they won't go to waste.

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