Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Real Day Off

We had to drive 40 miles to meet the guy who wanted to buy our old truck.  We ended up settling for $1000 but at least it is sold.  We went out to breakfast, stopped by the bank, got some gas and drove home.  I settled in for an early nap.  All in all, a real day off.  No garden, no goats, no fencing - just hanging out.  I really need the time off since I have been pushing so hard to get outside work done.

Yesterday, I did some more burning.  Who knew there were so many shrubs to be cleared and burned.  Cutting the grasses back, as well.  Looks like the veggie garden is down to digging up the roots of the shrubs.

I finished transplanting all the plants I was swapping around so that I would be able to safely have a horse in the back.  I still have to make sure it all the irrigation gets straightened out.  Back to loafing!

Marsh hawk hunting!!  Went out to empty the ash bin and feed the goats and what do I see?  A hawk swooping low, really low, over and through the brush in the neighbors back acreage.  I hear quail calling to one another and then the hawk rops down onto the earth.  He is up to something.  Must be chasing quail on the ground.  Then the hawk is back up into the air.  Nothing!  He is circling around for another go at the quail.  He swoops around and through the brsh again.  So low I can barely see him and then he drops down to the ground.  This time I don't see im come back up.  Maybe he got himself a meal

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