Friday, February 10, 2012


We finally got new cell phones a couple of weeks ago.  We should have done this a lot sooner!!!!  My old flip style phone had a bad battery and would barely hold a charge.

We went to the phone store in town. 

I had no idea how much I would like being able to access my email by phone.  Really fun!   Although I went into sticker shock on the first bill - we had to  pay $18 each for changing up -  AT&T was really great. We git the new phones for 1 cent each plus we had to sign up for two years of service.  The guy helped us keep our old cheapy phone plan and just add the new data plan to it.  It is $30 dollars more [$15 each] per month but Hubby found out at his job that he gets a discount so the whole thing doesn't end up costing us that much more!

The new phones are called 3G.  Frankly, I'm not sure I understand what the G thing is about but I think it is great. 

The big question is:  Should I get rid of the home phone?  It is $25 per month to have a home phone and 90 percent of the calls are telemarketers.  We like being listed in the phone book so friends and neighbors can find our number but is it worth it.  Yes, we do not publish our address in the phone book!  Safety first.

I have 23,000 free books available and I am already using that feature to read Upton Sinclair's The Jungle.  It is nice to know that when I am bored and waiting for Hubby to come out of the chainsaw shop or auto parts store I can sit there and read.

I can also access maps.  This is a pretty handy feature.  I have been doing this old school for too many years.  We were able to send the truck buyer a link to the casino we were meeting at and they found us no problem.  No trying to 'splain it over the phone.

I can also access Craigslist and keep up on the most recent sale items.  If you want a good deal you have to stay on top of that.  I am hoping the horse of my dreams will show up on there one day.  I found a deal on horse wire but I have to drive too far to make it worth it.

This phone holds a charge for a long time - like a couple of days.  If you use the phone a lot on line it seems like it uses a lot of batteries but I still don't have to charge it up everyday.

So, should the home phone stay or go?  What do you guys think?

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