Tuesday, February 7, 2012

For Sale Toyota Pickup

Don't bother to call,  I just put my old pickup on Craigs list and the phone is ringing off the hook even though we don't have to do smog in our county and I can't guarantee it will pass smog and even though it has 360,000 miles on it - some guy is driving out from Sacramento to buy it for $1200 bucks.  Go figure.  I put my phone on silent mode and I am hoping that we really do have it sold at nine am tomorrow morning.  It is a reasonably nice looking little truck with a few dings and a little minor rust and a nice enough interior.  It runs great and has a new windshield and plenty of other new stuff on it.  We have kept it in really good repair but, still, I can't believe people want it so badly they will drive 5 hours to buy it!

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